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KnightBikesElectric customizes our own motor's to generate maximaximum efficiency & top-speed when traveling the streets.

KeyFob System - knightbikeselectric
KeyFob System
Sale price$250.00
Colored Display - knightbikeselectric
Colored Display
Sale price$79.99
R3 Battery - knightbikeselectric
R3 Battery
Sale price$1,799.99
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Holy S***, what have you done to my free time. This bike is so addicting. I take it just about anywere that doesnt require using a car to haul stuff. This was really an impulsive purchase but I'm happy with this one.


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TEKTRO® Hydraulics

KnightBikesElectric uses Tektro® top of the line disk brakes for fast stopping power delivery.

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