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Assembly Guide

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Gather all the information to assemble your ebike.

Assembly Required?

Yes, there is some assembly required out of the box. The following contain

1. Battery

2. Front Wheel

3. Moto Seat

4. Pedals

5. Suspension Fork

6. Handle-Bars

No, everything that requires assembly is very easy and plug-in play. For extra assistance, please watch our video guides to further understand how to assemble your ebike.

Video Guides


Our 72v batteries come seperate for shipping regulations. Because KnightBikesElectric is an international company. Custom's makes delivering ebikes with our caliber battery challenging.

Installing the battery is very easy and safe. We recommend charging the battery to full before using our ebikes.

Tools Required

1. 8mm - Axel Rod

2. 5mm - Handlebar & Suspension

3. 4mm - Handle Bar Accessories

4. 3mm - Frame Panels

1. 15mm

2. 12mm

Used for rear seat insallation.

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Assembly Guide

Use our assemble guide as out offical user manual for our R3 lineup.

Step 1


Lets start with the front suspension. By installing this first, you will have a good foundations to rest the ebike up.

KKE Fork

Step 2

Front Tire

Lets install the front tire. Find a stool or stand to prop your R3 onto.

Front Tire

Step 3

Tektro Brakes

Installing the front brakes is very straight forward, make sure to pull the plastic tab out between the brake pads.

Tektro® Brakes

step 4

Moto seat

Moving on to your final steps. Installing the moto seat is very easy. Follow the guide on how to prepare the seat for installation.

Moto Seat

Step 5


Congratulations, your on the final step. Plug your battery in and take to the streets with the fastest ebike on the market.

R3 Battery

Final Step

Power On

Congrats, your ready to hit the streets. Watch this quick video on how to power your ebike on.

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