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Street Legality

Are They Street Legal?

no License

Street Legality

Do I need a License?

No, out of the gate you will not need a license or registration to operate this ebike. The value of owning a vehicle from KnightBikesElectric is you can get around like a motorcycle without paying monthly for insurance & petrol.

Yes, **we do not promote this ebike to minors.** However, a guardian must be responsible for the liability of this ebike. The package must be signed at the door by someone over the age of 18 years old. Receiving a traffic violation ticket can result in the guardian's responsibility.

Can I register?

Yes, depending on your local DMV process. Most to all DVM's will accept our ebikes for registration. The DMV will provide you with a new VIN number that must be placed on your bike. The position does not matter. Registering will require the following.
1. Insurance
2. Plates/registration fee
3. Motorcycle license

Out of the gate, the R3 Extreme is the only model that can be registered. There are some features required by the states to classify the bike as a street legal moped. Having Blinkers and the proper lights is what seperates the R3 Extreme from other models. We Highly recommend purchasing the R3 Extreme for street use.

What Class ?

R3 Ebikes are offically classified as (class 3 electric mopeds) this allows our ebikes to ride in bike lanes/mountain bike trails without owning a license.

Police Authority?

Police are a grey area for these bikes as they are so new to the market.

Police have obligations for any motor vehicle, whether it be electric or gasoline. Ebikes are no exception.

When dealing with a high-power bike like our R3 lineup, police have obligations to write you a ticket or impound your bike. The obligations are the following,

1. passing stop signs

2. speeding in limited area's

3. putting others in danger

4. riding under the influence

5. crashing into civilians

6. Trespassing

7. riding on the roads

8. non-ebike pathways/trails

Yes, an officer of the law has the authority to ticket you for any regular motorcycle traffic violation. The most common violation a cop may ticket you for is passing a stop sign/ speeding on roads without being registered.

Traffic Violation

When operating our ebikes. Its important that you follow all safety regulations along with bicycle safety. Speeding past stop signs and cutting off drivers in the road will leave you with a high chance of being pulled over and ticketed.

Activity Wavier


The governor is there for our company protection. In order ot legally sell these ebikes as class 3 mopeds. The safetly regulated govenor comes installed on the ebike.Removing the governor will result in the following. Once Removed KNIGHTBIKESELECTRIC LLC is not responsible for the cause of

1. Injury

2. Human Error

3. Damage of property


Set a limit

The speed of all our R performance models can be altered or limited to the riders preference. In our display settings you can change the top-speed the ebike is able to reach.

No, The ebike will still perform the same as always. However the top-speed will be limited from continuous acceleration.

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