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Theft Protection

Industry leading Security System

Theft Protection

Alarm System

KnightBikesElectric offers an industry-leading security feature that will drastically help protect your bike from theft.

Our Keyfob alarm system is featured-packed that can benefit riders day to day using their bikes for commuting purposes.

The Keyfob alarm has a loud 100-decibel alarm installed inside the ebike that can be set up manually or automatically when set off.

The Keyfob alarm technology locks your rear wheel when the bike is locked. You can lock your bike from a distance using the keyfob as well as turn your lights & bike on/off.

The Keyfob alarm system starts at $249.99

Order your alarm with your ebike to get it pre-installed. This keyfob alarm comes with our R3 Extreme.

Our R3 Extreme model comes standard with our KeyFob alarm feature. This feature can be purchased seperately and installed with your R3 Ebike. You must purchase the security keyfob with your ebike so KnightBikesElectric can install the unit for you before shipping.

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How does it work?

The Security Keyfob works just llike any ordinary car key. You can lock/unlock the bike with the keyfob. Turn on the lights & sounds the alarm. This is very crucial for commuters who need that functionality & relief when utlizing the ebike in public.

When the bike is locked, your back wheel will lock. This makes stealing your ebike extremely challenging as your unit weighs roughly 68kg.

The Gearless motor converts to a maintence position where the wheel can not be turned.


Tracking My ebike

When it comes to tracking your ebike there are many options on the market, our carbon aluminum frame allows for wifi/Bluetooth tracking devices inside the module of the frame.

Any tracking device that works for your mobile devices can operate inside our ebike.

Most clients use tile/air tag trackers as they use a database that picks up signals from other smartphones/devices for the best update and response status.

KnightBikesElectric would highly recommend putting the tracker inside the frame. Another location we can also highly recommend is under the seat. Placing the tracker under the bottom panel of your moto seat can prevent the theif finding the tracker and removing it.


When the ebike is touched/moved while locked. The 100 decibel alarm will sound off alerting all civilians around them.

The KeyFob alarm has a connection range of 75 yards. This is beneficial for locking your ebike in inside buildings/far away from your ebike.

The Alarm System comes with aluminum based keyfobs. The System comes with 2 fobs for extra backup. The Bike can be powered on with the standard key that is provided with your ebike.

Commonly Asked

Should I use a bike lock?

We recommend what ever the customer can do to prevent the ebike from being stolen. However we have trailed and tested our features for very broad situational enviorments. Our R3 Ebikes can be locked down with a bike lock.

This is a very situational question, we cannot answer this accurately. However, there are some factors a thief would have to operate around. The wheel lock feature. The sound off alarm. The Weight of the bike. Parking your ebike in a more public area can be safer for this ebike. People around the bike will give your protection an advantage when the alarm goes off.

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