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KnightBikesElectric started its foregrounds in early 2020. The founders of KnightBikesElectric set out to find the niche, enthusiast ebike riders have missed all along. The high-performance market for electric ebikes. All over the world, electric bikes have flooded the bicycle industry with convenient portable models all the way to motorcycle potential power. Our company wanted to be just that, applying motorcycle performance while staying fully electric and operating without a license. Thanks to newer technology, designing and assembling ebikes of our caliber has never been more effective. Delivering the best unit economics cost compared to any other performance electric bike on the market. KnightBikesElectric is set on providing the consumer with the all-around best commuter vehicle for the best price possible. When dealing with large ebike manufacturers & companies, support can be time-draining and frustrating. KnightBikesElectric provides around-the-clock assistance for all our customer's needs and some of the best warranty and part discount deals on the market. With various models to choose from, get your foot in the door with the most advanced ebikes on the market.

Founded in 2020

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