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R3 Speed FAQ's

Product Description

What are you getting?

Whats in the box?

How is it packaged? KnightBikesElectric® packages our products a certain way to comply with shipping standards and regulations. Our R3's come with the handlebars, and front-wheel dissembled. The battery Comes in another box for regulation. Attaching the battery is very simple and our support team can guide our users.

Refund Policy   What's the refund Policy? KnightBikesElectric® offers a full refund policy on damaged items, although shipping on the manufacturings part is deducted from the full refund amount. Customers have 25 days to ride our bikes before our policy expires.


Battery details? The R3 MX is equipped with a high powered lithium- ion battery. Delivering maximum efficiency and fast charging! 12,000w – 72v 35h, our bikes take around 5-6hrs to charge. Simply plug in and wait! Charging port is located under the front forks!


Motor Details Using advanced direct-drive DC technology, the R3 MX effortlessly delivers an insane amount of power and torque… Torque 200nm Our high performing brushless hub motors are built for maximum capability, whilst being extremely reliable… When regenerative braking is engaged, our hub motors help to increase range by recovering lost power, using this power to recharge the battery. This means longer lasting fun!  

KnightBikesElectric uses high power electric hub motors that give our ebikes a high top speed and immediate torque. Water proof contacts and a tight motor capsule seal. Ride in the rain & through puddles.


Controller details? Powered by throttle and/or pedal assist, our BAC 2000 intelligent controllers allow for an extraordinary riding experience… Our controllers produce the highest efficiency, and extremely low energy consumption… Features include: Instant boot up, real time monitoring, electric braking, temperature protection and built-in safety features, ultimately creating a more user friendly ride!  

The BAC™ uses wireless and physical connection to gather data from all electrical components on your ebike for situational adjustments.

The BAC™ controllers optimize battery & top-speed up to +25% performance increase.


Suspension Details? The R3 MX has a Dual suspension set up to maximised rider comfort, handling and experience!4-WAY ADJUSTMENT SUSPENSION KKE FRONT FORKS Shoulder control/oil pressured Compressed soft and hard adjustable Adjust the rebound speed of damping KKE/DNM REAR SUSPENSION Oil & air compressed Rebound. adjustable compression dials are accessable for easy modifmodifications while riding.


KnightBikesElectric uses Tektro® premium quad piston hydraulic brakes. Stopping power is extremely important when achieving high speeds on our ebikes. Stop from 60-0 in 4.5s. Tektro steal disk's conduct high friction braking for fast delivery. Adjust your brake tension with Tektro®


KnightBikesElectric uses a premium carbon aluminum material when constructing our frames. R3 MX has a weight of 67kg.

KnightBikesElectric's premium key-fob gives your R3 an extreme level of security. The key-fob allows you to unlock & lock your bike from afar. The key-fob allows the consumer to turn the lights on and sounds the alarm as-well.Locking WheelKnightBikesElectric's wheel lock feature give the consumer the out right most protection possible. When the bike is locked, the rear wheel locks via a gear-system. With a bike weight of 67g, it is very challenging to steal our bike.

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KnightBikesElectric uses a key igition feature on all R3 models to insure customer protection when utilizing our ebikes. R3 cannot be turned on without the key or keyfob.

KnightBikesElectric constructs our seats with premium memory foam for quality comfort when riding. All seats are made with leather and are supported by water & heat protection.

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R3 Speed Faq's

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