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KnightBikesELectric uses liabliability insurinsurance for all consumer products leaving our warehouse to customers. If a product arrives damaged, you will recieve a placement or your money back.

KnightBikesElectric requires that all shipping transactions of our ebikes must be signed at the door for the package to be left on the porch. Orders will be brought back to the post facility for re-shipping.

What does it cover?

Having a 12 year month warranty is crucial to making sure you recieved the quality controlled electric components we shipping to you. By seeing where something may or has gone wrong before the year. Getting a replacemet is very essential for the longevity and convenience of your purchase.

Will registering my ebike affect my warranty? No, registering your ebike to run on the roads will not affect your warranty. However if any drive-train modification is done, there will be a void in the warranty.

KnightBikesElectric has a full range of electricial complaints convered by your warranty. Your battery, motor, controller & alarm system are all covered by the warranty of owning the product.

Our warranty will not translate over to another consumer. This means, if you sell your ebike to another person. The warranty will no longer be valid for the remaining time its avaliable.

Voiding Warranty

There are things that can void the warranty.

1. Modification of the drive-train

2. Changing firmware

3. Using larger tires

4. Charging bike for more than 10 days.

Changes & Charge times are all logged on the BAC™

Read terms & service for more details Terms & Service

Does It cover user damage?

No, KnightBikesElectric will not cover replacement parts for damaged parts caused by the customer. KnightBikesElectric is only responsible for the failure of our components.

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